Differential Scanning Calorimeter


  • The ultimate horizontal dual beam design Providing zero drift baseline drift in the µg range
  • Wide measurement range of ± 0,4g
  • Simultaneous TG/DTA AND DSC
  • Temperatures up to 1500°C
  • Easy to use auto sampler

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Also EXSTAR 6000 TG/DTA Series

  • The ultimate horizontal dual beam design
  • Simultaneous TG/DTA
  • Temperatures up to 1500°C
  • Easy to use auto sampler

One Touch Horizontal Dual Balance Beam

The horizontal dual beam balance design ensures the gas flow is perpendicular to the weight direction, which means that there is no effects caused by purge gas flows and buyancy effects, even when using high gas flows up to 1000 ml/min. Other effects such as chimney, convection and thermal molecular flow effects are also eliminated.

The patented one touch type dual balance beam design allows the user to exchange the beam by themselves easily. Light weight balance beam gives the EXSTAR 6000 series TG/DTA the highest sensitivity and stability.

The EXSTAR 6000 series TG/DTA also provides high quality results for very low mass losses over the full temperature range.

The EXSTAR 6000 series TG/DTA also provides drift- free baselines and ensure the high sensitivity and high accuracy measurements. No temperature overshoot and fast properties are realized by the SIINT patented advantage digital control technology .

Temperatures for both sample are measured AT THE SAMPLE, which means true sample temperatures are recorded unlike many systems which only record furnace temperatures.

Pre-Calibration Function

The EXSTAR series TG/DTA provides direct temperature calibration and pre-calibration functions by using high purity metal standards which are measured in the DTA mode. The thermocouple is in direct contact with the sample holder which ensures the very high precision temperature measurmement. In addition, the unique software design makes the precalibration very easy to perform.

Controlled rate Thermal Analysis (CRTA)

Controlled rate Thermal Analysis (CRTA) is supplied as standard . This unique measurement method automatically controls the heating rate in response to the physical property change of a sample.

Highway Measurement: simulate slow heat rates

The Highway method is a truly unique feature available as standard, designed to obtain data on very slow heating rates, based on measurements done at much higher rates. The method is based on advanced mathematical methods and provides accurate results.

Reactive Atmosphere handling

A separate purge port for reactive and corrosive purge gases is available. The separate port is designed to permit the introduction of corrosive or any special purge gases into the reaction chamber directly, without going through the balance housing.

Reliable, Compact Auto Sampler

The EXSTAR 6000 series TG/DTA can be coupled with the rugged autosampler AST-2 for fully automated and unattended operation. With up to 30 sample positions and a mechanical finger design the AST-2 offers reliable and fully automated operation.

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