ARSST by Fauske & Associates, LLC

Advanced Reactive System Screening Tool (ARSST)

In the mid-80s FAI introduced the RSST which in 1998 was superseded by the Advanced Reactive System Screening Tool (ARSST). The ARSST was brought out for hazards assessors who do not require the full data that the VSP2 gives but do require basic information on process upset conditions.

The ARSST is based upon a small (5-20ml) spherical glass test cell. This test cell is then heated by a wrap around heater which can bring the sample temperature to 400DegC. Due to the unique polynomial heating method the sample is kept in a quasi-adiabatic mode and no heat is lost to the surrounding. Also the test setup results in a low phi factor and the data can be applied directly to the process scale.

Description and Capabilities:

  • Easy setup for fast test turnaround
  • Quickly screen new and existing processes for thermal hazards
  • Lightweight glass test cell with good mixing
  • Open or closed cell tests & small sample size
  • Flow regime detector distinguishes between foamy and non-foamy behavior
  • Scanning and isothermal modes

The ARSST measures the temperature and pressure of the system thus allowing the determination of

  • Rate of temperature rise
  • Rate of pressure rise
  • Heat of reaction
  • Heat of mixing
  • Total adiabatic temperature rise
  • Onset temperature
  • Tempering temperature
  • Self-accelerating decomposition temperature
  • Time to maximum rate

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