Fauske Spring 2014 Newsletter



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Spring 2014 Process Safety News

Customer service – we hear this term referenced every day, but really what does it mean?  To me and my team, it means everything.  We built our business by creating a customer focused company dedicated to building relationships with our customers while helping them find practical solutions to their unique situations. Today, we still adhere to this philosophy and thank all of our customers for choosing FAI for their process safety needs. Please see my letter for more information about our approach to customer service.

Additionally, we hope you enjoy articles such as:

  • An alternative Methodology Addressing United Nations (UN) Guidelines for Self-Reactive Substances the Easy and Verified Way
  • On-site Assessments/Surveys
  • Thermal Hazards Testing Services – How We Can Help
  • Innovative Hydrogen Removal Design for Shielded Containers
  • Westinghouse, LLC CEO Danny Roderick Honors Fauske & Associates, LLC (FAI) Employees for Advancements in Designs for the Cleanup of Legacy Nuclear Waste



As always, we look forward to new opportunities to assist you with your process safety and consulting needs. Visit www.Fauske.com for more information regarding our products and services.

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