Dust Explosivity Contract Testing

Please Note Testing can be performed to ASTM or EN standards as required.

Explosion Severity Test – (KSt Pmax and dP/dt)

  • Determines values necessary for designing protective measures, such as deflagration venting.

Minimum Ignition Energy – (MIE)

  • Assesses the ignition potential of a material from the hazard of an electrostatic spark discharge.

Minimum Explosible Concentration – (MEC)

  • Identifies the minimum hazardous concentration of a dust cloud that will sustain combustions. 

Minimum Autoignition Temperature of a Dust Cloud – (MAIT)

  • Determines safe operating temperatures at which a dust cloud will not autoignite.

Hot Surface Ignition Temperature of Dust Layers – (AIT)

  • Identifies dangerous operating temperatures at which a dust layer will self heat.

Limiting Oxygen Concentration – (LOC)

  • Defines safe nitrogen inerting levels to prevent dust cloud explosions.




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